glass bottle, perfume bottle, baby shoes, silk fabric, silk scarf, silk garments,china silk

glass bottle, perfume bottle, baby shoes, silk fabric, silk scarf, silk garments,china silk

China leather baby shoes,cattle,suede,sheep leather Manufacturer, Supplier, Factory, Exporter in china

China lovely Baby Shoes Hangzhou Manufactory
was established 1998, so we have rich experience in making baby shoes as well as exporting. We devote ourselves to high quality products and first-class service.     We have a qualified team so that we can design our own styles as well as make customers¡¯ styles.  Our baby shoes have a good reputation in many countries and regions due to cute, colorful and popular styles. Our love for baby is our important inspiration for making delighted and adorable shoes. We assure to offer the best quality, competitive price, and specialized service to our customers. We are happy to cooperate with customers from all over the world and to have nice business relation together. we export like kid shoes, baby walking shoes, soft leather baby shoes, leather baby shoes showroom, silk baby shoes, soft soled baby shoes, leather baby boots, indoor shoes, toddler shoes, leather baby shoes, baby shoes,

Main Products size and main material:

Size Sole Length Age

S 4 inches 0-6 mos

M 4.5 inches 6-12 mos

L 5 inches 12-18 mos

XL 5.5 inches 18-24 mos

XXL 6 inches 2-3 yrs


sheep leather,cattle leather, suede leather,imitate silk fabric

Company Profile:

Nature of Business: Factory direct sale
Main Products: Baby leather shoes, silk baby shoes
Office Location: Hangzhou

Factory Location: Shangyu
Employee: 100
Delivery lead-time: Negotiable
Payment term: T/T or at sight letter of credit or l/c at sight

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China Tester glass bottleperfume glass bottle Manufacturer, Supplier, Factory, Exporter in china

Established in 2003, we are professional in design, manufacture and export glass packaging products, our main products are perfume glass bottle, pharmaceutical glass bottle and other bottle accessories, as surlyn cap, dropper, collar, etc. We also have strong surface-processing techniques such as decal, silk printing, frosting, hot stamping, labeling metal and color spray-painting,etc.Product Range:boron-silicon glass syringe barrels, Winchester bottle, extract bottle, metric ovals, nail polish bottles, rubber stopper, roll-on glass bottle, Boston round dropper bottle, screw cap, essential oil glass bottle, ointment jars, aluminum caps, Craft Glass bottle, Tube Glass Bottle, Glass Bottle, Antibiotic glass bottle, Tester glass bottle,
Quality Control
Offer the best price and quality to our customer is our final tenet.
1. About the quality control in the producing process: Inbound/stationed QC (100% scanning, detailed QC based on zero defective sampling scheme)
2. Pre-shipment QC according to AQL internal/external feedback mechanics

About our convenient traffic
We are in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. Its only two hour's bus way away from Shanghai or Ningbo. Hangzhou, Shanghai and Ningbo are named the Long Triangle Development Area of China. Hangzhou is 20 kilometers from Hang Zhou Xiao Shan International Airport, and only 200KM from Shanghai Internationalal airport.

Looking forward to cooperate with you!
if you are looking for a reliable cooperator in fashion accessories business, please contact us!We are sure that we can be good partner since we have many advantages: good quality, quick service, flexible in quantity and price, deliver on time.


Business, Manufacturing, Marketing, Medical


China Silk Fabric Catalog Manufacturer, Supplier, Factory, Exporter in china

China Hangzhou Top Silk Co.,Ltd which established in 1992, is located in Hangzhou City which is the hometown of Chinese silk fabrics. Its two hours bus way from Shanghai. We specialize in production and sales of silk fabrics, silk scarf, silk accessories, etc silk ready made ups.    Our company owns 150 sets of professional weaving looms, contains wide width rapier looms (which are installed with electronically computerized jacquard heads, and such installment guarantee the good quality and workability of various jacquard fabrics with width of up to 310cm). And as active and useful finishing unit, we set up our boiling off and dyeing workshop for broad silk fabrics. Our monthly output is 100000M.Thanks to the export history of over 15 years, we gained enough experience and market share in EU, USA and Southeast Asia countries, etc. This also brings high reputation for our company in the silk manufacturing and export field. So our company becomes one of the most famous silk manufacturing enterprises in China.

The characters of our pure silk and silk cotton products show high class and elegant charms of silk thoroughly and reveal the freedom of modern life and independent living style. Its soft feeling is full of appetency. Our professional and advanced cutting and stitching way combine style, fabric texture, color together perfectly to work out luxurious, fashionable, supreme silk products.Our company locates in the famous production base of silk fabrics and silk products. Please contact us for further information.Product Range:Other Fabric, Silk Jacquard Fabric, Yarn-dyed Silk Fabric, Silk blended fabric, Stretch Silk Fabric, Silk Wide Width Fabric, Silk Velvet, Silk Taffeta, Silk Organza, silk charmeuse satin, Silk Douppion, Silk Nail Poplin, Spun silk, Silk Twill, Silk Ponge Paj Pagent, Silk Crepe de Chine, Silk Habotai, Silk Crepe Georgette, Silk Dong Feng Gauze, Silk Chiffon, Wholesale Silk Scarves, Silk Fabric Catalog, Silk Scarves,

WebSite: China sell wholesale silk fabric, silk garments

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